Few Garretson Volunteers
Garden Volunteers

The Garretson property was sold in 1974 by Feenix Brocker to a private builder for residential development. Recognizing its historical value, community members became interested in acquiring the property for preservation. This led to the founding of the Garretson Forge and Farm Restoration, Inc. in 1974 for the purpose of raising funds for the purchase. Through the efforts of the organization, the community at large, and government agencies, the necessary funds were raised for the acquisition of the property.

 Few Garretson Volunteers
Gardening Volunteers


GFFR Inc. continued to raise funds to pay off the now existing mortgage, maintain the site and to restore the kitchen to its eighteenth-century design. Money was also used to purchase artifacts and articles related to Garretson history.

In 1977, once the mortgage was satisfied, ownership of the property was deed over to the Freeholders of Bergen County. Now a county historical site, the Garretson homestead continues to be administered by the members of Garretson Forge and Farm Restoration, Inc.

GFFR, Inc. is a volunteer organization whose mission is to preserve and maintain the Garretson homestead, keeping it open to the public; to educate the greater community about local and state history; to foster environmentally sustainable agricultural practices and biodiversity.